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Helicopter, The

Published 1953

Theory, operation and utility of helicopters.

Run time 10:39
Producer Encyclopaedia Britannica Films
Sponsor N/A
Audio/Visual Sd, C


VS airplanes taxiing down runway and up into air
Camera pans airplanes parked in airport
Airplane lands, then helicopter lands in front of bldg.
Man looks into cargo of helicopter
Helicopter lifts up, takes off
Fade to bldg roof where helicopter is landing
Men in uniform filling sides of helicopter with shovels full of "dirt"

Helicopter landing in clearing woods
Helicopter spraying grove with cloudy "insecticide"
VS/LS helicopter high up in sky

MCU helicopter landing on water
MCU explosion
MCU soldier hitting ground at explosion in distance
MLS lone soldier carrying cot in clearing of land
MLS side view of helicopter landing
LS 2 soldiers carrying wounded soldier on cot in war area
MCU helicopter landing
Soldiers putting wounded on cot in helicopter
Helicopter takes off with wounded tied to "outside"

CU green helicopter taking off, flies behind houses
MCU small airplane, with airplanes flying side by side in sky
CU one side of propeller - camera pans down to 1 wing
MCU front 1/2 of airplane

Graphic of wing, animated air flow over & under wing

MCU man approaching landed helicopter
VS/CU rotor blade
MCU rotor blade spins, helicopter lifts off ground
VS historical footage of AUT0GYRO flying, landing

MCU man flying helicopter, turning body of helicopter
CU tail rotor or Anti Torque Rotor
Boy's hands holding toy rotor, playing with rotor
MCU man in helicopter
Boy runs towards landed helicopter, gets in, pilot starts engine; helicopter takes off
Aerial view of factory, 6 smoking stacks
Camera looking down at the street; cars, people; helicopter lands

Helicopter taking off, helicopter with 2 rotors landing
CU 2 rotors
MCU large 2 rotor helicopter landing

CU tiny jet engine
CU fireworks pinwheel
MCU dark - turning rotors with lit jet engines on ends
MCU 2 people in jet helicopter - vehicle totally OPEN
VS/MCU 2 helicopters hovering and landing
Trucks driving down the street towards camera
Helicopter taking off from roof
Camera pans up to helicopter flying away over buildings.



Reviewer: GE_Pretzel - - October 4, 2006
Subject: Uplifting, to say the least
This Encyclopaedia Brittanica film concisely explains how helicopters operate and how they provide special capabilities not realized by other standard aircraft. There are dozens of good tidbits of footage showcasing many now-antiquated models of helicopters, including one with a distinctive fishbowl cockpit. The film's narrator seems overly optimistic about the helicopter's potential, however, when he suggests that it could have as much of an impact on modern transportation as the automobile did when it was introduced. Overall, the production is very well done.
Reviewer: Steve Nordby - - November 14, 2003
Subject: Unprecedented freedom of movement
Easily understandable explanation of how helicopters work and what they can be used for. Great color, although the film is a bit scrathced and dirty in places. Lots of pictures of rare and experimental 1950's helicopters and a marvelous autogiro. The shot of the helicopter leaving the rooftop pad on a private home seemed to promise much more than the future delivered of course.
Reviewer: Spuzz - - July 21, 2003
Subject: A Helipad on every home!
GREAT 70's style film, featuring great color, visuals, titles and music, even though it was made in the 1950's! The film is all about Helicopters. A nice little history and a little technical detail about what makes helicopters fly is shown, and then we get a flying demonstration, and how helicopters are being used. But the best of course, is reserved for the 'future' uses of helicopters. Truly scary looking double bladed (that twirl.. very closely perpendicular to each other!) surely killed somebody and the fact the everyone, it seems, will have their own helicopter (or their own helipad) is somewhat farfetched. Reccomended!
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